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Run by Colin and Alison Street and residing on the Street’s 4,000 acre farm, Terranova has become one of the most successful schools in southern Africa, educating 400 students in grades 1-12. More than a dozen graduates are attending universities, and the school has brought clean water, health care services, electricity, and a renewed sense of purpose to people in the neighboring community. Terranova’s beautiful campus features 20 classrooms buildings, a library with thousands of books, bathrooms, living quarters for faculty, a computer lab, biology, and chemistry labs.

History of Terranova School

Terranova Boarding & Day School is founded.

Colin and Alison Street formed Terranova School on their 4,000 acre farm. 

First Highschool Commencement

In 2011, the first students graduated from Terranova School.

Terranova School Campus

Boarding Program Opens

The school added a boarding program and further expanded its facilities with a dormitory, dining hall, and ablution block.

Computer Lab Expands

The school dedicated and opened a new computer lab equipped with 20 laptops.

Terranova School Library

New Library Opens

The Marilyn & Gerald Burke Library opens, complete with over 1000+ books and work stations.

Dormitories expand

New dormitories, with spacious and private living quarters open.

New Transportation

New bus system launches to help commuters to and from the city.

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  • I like terranova boarding school because the environment is really good, really healthy, and everyone is friendly.


    I love the food, we're given fruits and snacks, it's a great place. I love the teachers and I’ve really learned a lot being here at Terranova.  I wasn’t really good at English until I came to Terranova. Our principal has really helped me a lot in English. He has helped me improve in my composition. My mom works and travels a lot so its easier for me and my brother to be in boarding school so that we don't have to change schools often. – Chance, 15, Boarding Student

  • I realized, to better the lives of the people, they had to be educated.


    In a dream one night I awoke and realized he had to build a school. Terranova School started off as 7 classrooms and an administration block. Now, we have one of the finest schools in Africa, with a team of teachers and a headmaster that are second to none. – Colin Street, Owner/Founder

  • The students are so engrossed in what we do here. They find fulfillment and hope and can see a light at the end of a dark tunnel.


    This school has done wonders to our children here. Many of the children here I encouraged to come because of the many, many wonderful things that happen. A number of them walk some distance to get to our school. But once they get here, they are so engrossed in whatever we do here, they find it difficult to get back home. What do they find here? The fulfillment, the hope of a child that can see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. – David, Headmaster, English Teacher, Parent

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