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At 6500 kwacha, we offer a better value at a more affordable price than our competitors.

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Boarding Program

Boarding Program

kwacha 6500/term

  • all meals included
  • 1 term tuition & boarding
  • computer lab access
  • locked storage area for each resident
  • comfortable and healthy dormitories
  • running (and clean!) water
  • access to healthcare

Off Campus Living

Off Campus Tuition

Off Campus Tuition


  • includes all class fees
  • New Bus available for commute

Pricing FAQ

I live in the city, but the road is awful. How will I get my child there? I would like my child to live in the city and commute, but how will they get there?

We know the road is difficult. Thats why we have a new bus and transportation option that will help students get to school.

Why should I choose Terranova’s boarding program?

At 6500 kwacha per term, we are far more affordable than our competitors. We offer healthy, delicious meals and our new dorms are spacious and private. Our comfortable and spacious dormitories offer students who wish to study away from the hustle and bustle of city life a home-away-from-home environment. To learn more about our boarding program, click here

Will my children get enough one on one time with their teachers?

Yes! Our teacher:student ratio is 1:25 (with 25 being the absolute max!)

Can I pay school fees using a credit/debit card?

A card machine is available for visa or mastercard payments.