Offerings – Academic

Why Choose Terranova?

The Terranova School offers our students a range of interactive opportunities and experiences to promote the exchange of ideas and culture.

Biology & Chemistry Lab

Spacious and well-equipped.

Large Computer Lab

With internet connection.

Well-stocked Library

with more than 1000+ TK TK books and resources.

Serene Campus Environment

Beautiful and well-maintained, making for the ideal study environment.

Student Life

A wide range of extracurricular & after school activities.

Healthcare Available

Clean water on campus and access to the neighboring Julia Burke Clinic for healthcare.

New Student Transportation

New Buses make commuting from the city a breeze.

After School Activities

All students are encouraged to take part in 1-2 sport disciplines or other activities while maintaining good academic grades. Terranova School takes part in competitive sports with other schools in the district.

Affordable Boarding

At 6500 kwacha, Terranova offers a better value at a more affordable price than its competitors.